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7 Benefits of Vegetarianism| Vegetarianism types

7 Benefits of Vegetarianism| Vegetarianism types

Vegetarianism is one of the many benefits of a diet and is essential for a disease-free life.

Many research has found that vegetarians who consume a well-balanced diet have lower incidences of coronary artery disease, obesity, hypertension, and some malignancies than meat-eaters. 

So, the vegetarianism diet has become as much a necessity as it is today. Because most of the diseases of today believe in having come from consuming more fish and meat, it would be better to keep the body healthy by eating green vegetables instead of fish and meat.

Do you know what vegetarianism meaning is?

Vegetarianism means avoiding meat (all red meat varieties and its product), fish, and poultry. Also, this type of vegetarianism diet avoids particular animal by-products such as dairy, eggs, honey. 

Do you know about the vegetarianism type?

There are several types of vegetarianism are, as Ovo- vegetarian, Lacto- vegetarian, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, and Pesco vegetarianism. We can find several persons in our society who chooses to consume dairy, egg, or both, respectively. Here are the five types of vegetarianism.

1. Veganism: If someone does not eat dairy products, meat dishes, and fish dishes, then we can call such a person a veganism person.

2. Ovo-vegetarianism: If someone does not eat meat (meat products), fish (fish products), and does eat eggs, we can call such a person an Ovo-vegetarianism.

3. Lacto-vegetarianism: If someone does not eat meat (meat products), eggs and only does eat dairy products, we can call such a person a Lacto-vegetarianism.

4. Ovo-Lacto-vegetarianism: If someone does not eat meat (meat products), fish (fish products), dairy products, and eggs, we can call such a person an Ovo-Lacto-vegetarianism.

5. Pesco vegetarianism: Pesco vegetarianism excludes meat dishes and eats only fish dishes. We call such a person a Pesco vegetarianism dietician.

What is the difference between vegetarianism and veganism?

Vegetarianism avoids meat (red meat and its by-product, fish and its product, and poultry and its derivative). In contrast, veganism does not include dairy products, meat dishes varieties, and fish dishes.

The main difference between both diets is vegetarianism eats dairy products and avoids meat, fish, and poultry. Whereas, veganism avoid dairy product along with the meat dishes, fish and poultry products too. 

What are the health benefits of vegetarianism?

It is a good habit to follow a vegetarian diet. After eating a vegetarian diet, our body quickly digests it and provides the energy we need.

Vegetarian food keeps the body fit and can increase your age from a few years to a few decades. There could be many benefits to being a vegetarian person. Here are 7 Benefits of vegetarianism diets.

1. It does not allow your body to become obese quickly.

2. This diet prevents constipation from happening in your body.

3. It keeps your body fit and active.

4. The price of fish and meat is always higher than green leafy vegetables, so it saves you few dollars.

5. It does not allow your body's blood pressure level to rise quickly.

6. It does not allow your body's cholesterol level to rise rapidly.

7. It also helps keep your heart healthy.

When we stop using such products, we have to depend on the food we get from plants, leading to a deficiency of some vitamins in the body.


Sometimes, It is challenging to go from a non-vegetarian diet to a vegetarian diet because our tongues do not want to give up the taste of non-vegetarian food so quickly. But after eating this vegetarian diet, it is an excellent decision to get rid of diseases like constipation, cholesterol, high blood pressure and extend your life from a few years to a few decades.

But on the other hand, when you suddenly stop eating fish, meat, and milk and its products like curd, honey, there is a possibility of deficiency of many essential vitamins in the body.

My advice is to skip all red meat, poultry, milk and continue to eat all green leafy vegetables, yogurt, fish, and eggs to prevent vitamin deficiency in the body. 

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