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10 Health Benefits of Sun Salutation 2021

10 Health Benefits of Sun Salutation 2021

Sun Salutation pose is also known as Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit, which usually consists of 12 asanas.


People have believed in the greatness of the sun for centuries. And so, people of all civilizations have prayed to the sun - the ultimate source of life and energy. One such practice is the yogic sequence of Surya Namaskar. Let's get to know this unique practice of sun salutations better and understand its many benefits.


When the sun is greeted at the right time and in the right way, it has the potential to change your life. Sun Salutation pose may take a little extra time to see the results, but you will soon find that your skin can detoxify as before, and your whole body can lighten.


Regularly doing Surya Namaskar Yoga poses to keep your body fit and increase your innate abilities, develop creativity, develop decision-making skills, develop leadership skills, and boost confidence.


The benefits of saluting the sun are many. As well as helping the body and mind function better, it also develops agility and new energy in the body. Here are ten health benefits of Sun Salutations yoga poses, which are as follows:


1. Reduces stress and provides peace of mind.

Throughout the poses associated with the sun salutation exercise, you may feel that some of your stresses have melted away in a few days. It also frees you from your fears, worries, and anxieties and gives you a sense of freedom.



2. It helps in the detoxification of your body.

The Sun Hello exercise helps you maintain an efficient breathing and breathing process, allowing air to reach the lungs properly and the blood to receive fresh oxygen. Sun Salutation exercise helps to flush out carbon dioxide and other toxic gases from the body.


3. Strengthens muscles and improves flexibility

The various muscle groups and nerve centers in all the postures in Surya Namaskar are called Chakras. It helps you strengthen almost all parts of your body, including the arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. It increases the flexibility of your body and also improves your body posture.


4. Improves digestion and helps in weight loss

A balanced diet, as well as proper exercise and proper rest, improve insulin sensitivity. Surya Namaskar exercise helps to stimulate the digestive system by producing the right kind of digestive juices. This way, you improve your metabolism, enabling you to get rid of all the toxins and burn extra calories.

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5. Excellent cardio training and hormonal balance

Surya Namaskar Blayam is an easy and short exercise. It acts as a cardio workout for your thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. When you execute this exercise fast, it improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol levels, and improves heart health. Another characteristic of proper blood circulation in the body is good hormonal balance.

It is essential to know that blood is the carrier of our hormones, so if it is working correctly, it will reach all your organs without any problems.

 6. Improves the immune system

Adequate amounts of nutrients are needed when the organs of your body excrete toxins. Within each breath, your cells refresh themselves. With each exhale, the alveoli of your lungs exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. Enriched blood serves to feed hungry muscles, organs, and cells while restoring the proper function of the body system.

Awaken your cells in the form of enzymes and hormones that participate in the digestive process. Swelling may reduce when your body finds homeostasis through gait and breathing.


Surya Namaskar also works like other yogas to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you feel relaxed. In turn, this type of deep relaxation strengthens the body's immune system and, in addition, allows it to fight diseases.


Constant exercise removes free radicals from your organs and boosts your body's capacity, which further strengthens your immune system.


7. Develops the ability to absorb nutrients better.

Proper blood circulation and digestion enable better absorption of nutrients, which in turn improves your overall health. The absorption of nutrients helps the body to perform essential functions. An unhealthy lifestyle has led to many disorders such as Obesity, PCOD, thyroid dysfunction, etc. This sun salutation exercise can be part of a healthy routine that has proven efficient in controlling such diseases.



8. It improves energy and awareness levels in your body.

Poses (Asanas) and breathing are an integral and essential part of Surya Namaskar. It gives deep conscious relaxation to the mind and body. It relaxes the mind and helps sharpen the senses. It also increases your self-awareness, which raises the energy levels in your body.



9. Lowers your mood swings and brings more emotional stability

Deep breathing with specific postures provides great relaxation for nerve cells. It can positively improve brain function. In particular, this exercise helps maintain the balance between the right and left sides of your brain. It can also give you more emotional stability, increase your creativity and your ability to think.


10. It helps to improve the Glow of your skin.

Good glowing skin and good digestion result from proper blood circulation in the body, adequate rest, and good sleep. You can get all this from regular sun salutation exercises.



How many Sun Salutations Should I do?

There are more than 100 types of exercises in Surya Namaskar, but in the beginning, you can do 9 to 12 exercises. Increase the number of activities only after you have become accustomed to the Surya Namaskar exercise.


Does Sun Salutation reduce belly fat?

If you always have a little time available, you can increase the number of sun salutations to increase your body's fitness level and make sure to burn fat. Doing these exercises in the morning on an empty stomach can have good results. If you do the Surya Namaskar exercise at a fast pace, it can do a lot of good to your heart.


Is Doing Sun Salutation enough?

Sun salutation is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise, which works to increase the body's metabolic rate, and as a result, helps in losing weight. Sun salutation is an essential part of yoga. In which a series of 12 poses of Surya Namaskar connected.


Can you do sun salutation at night?

Sun Salutation is an essential type of yoga pose that mainly starts with energy and body warming. It can also do in the evening, but it is more beneficial to do it in the morning, in an open environment.

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The best time to practice sun salutation pose is at sunrise. Because the sun's rays during the morning nourish the creatures and spread soothing in nature, this is a good practice after taking a cold bath. The water temperature should be a few degrees lower than the room temperature, which helps contract intercellular spaces. Thus the energy generated by exercise fills the holes.


For that reason, Surya Namaskar is one such thing. Exercise can heal your body, mind, and soul. It can also transform individuals by operating in all energy centers.

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Thus, it is also essential to know that any exercise requires careful learning under a skilled instructor. Although yoga has many benefits, it has to do correctly. For that, I suggest you do this yoga pose only with the advice of an instructor. I also hope that you are well aware of the ten health benefits of this Sun Salutation Yoga, and in the future, you will also benefit from it easily by doing this yoga quickly. 

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