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Do You Know about Yarsagumba?

Today we will try to know closely about the Yarsagumba which is a herb and usually found in different Himalayan districts in Nepal.

Do You Know About Yarsagumba

What is Yarsagumba?

This is a traditional herb that has so many beneficial properties in human health. We have tried to include the information about Yarsagumba uses, benefits and importance. High Quality Yarsagumba price per kg in Nepal, Side effects of Yarsagumba and many other relevant regarding Yarsagumba in Nepal.

According to Mr. Lila Raj Budha who is continuously working since last 20 years on this field as a trader/seller, Yarsa is a traditional herb that stays in the form of insects for six months and stays in the form of plants for later six months. when snow in the Himalayas melts down then its collection season starts. Yarsa is found in many district of Nepal such as Dolpa, Jumla, Darchula, Sankhuwa Sabha.

What are the Types of Yarsha found in Nepal?

According to Mr. Budha, Yarsa can be catagorised in three types in Nepal.

High Class Yarsa – its taste is little sour.

Medium Class Yarsa- Its taste is sweet.

Low Class Yarsa- sweet taste and size is small.

High class Yarsa usually found in Dolpa district of Nepal and its rate per kg is 1.5-2.0 Million in Nepalese Currencies approximately.We try to explore many more thing closely with him.

What are the Benefits of Yarsagumba?

According to Mr. Budha, Yarsagumba is a traditional medicine that have been using in Himalayan Region for curing several diseases. There are lots of benefits of consuming Yarsagumba. Some of the benefits of Yarsagumba are mentioned below.

  •        It is widely used for curing Blood Sugar and high blood pressure diseases.
  •        It is also beneficial in Back pain and knee pain problem.
  •        It useful in improving respiration or it is useful for the person who is using inhaler to consume more oxygen.
  •        It can also improves immunity system.
  •     It can purify the blood in your body.
  •     It develops the ability to fight disease germs.
  •     It also provides strength to your body.
  •     It also provides strength and flexibility to your body.

What are the drawbacks of consuming Yarsagumba?

According to Mr. Budha, The main drawback of it is that when somebody consumes Yarsa for curing any pain, it initially increases the pain and then it starts to cure the diseases gradually which is very difficult to make understand the several person.

Also, Yarsa may not be useful for everybody because after consuming Yarsa, if it did not feel more pain initially in your body then it may not work well for you. Initially when he has started his business of selling Yarsha, he could not understand this type of different properties of Yarsa due to which his business was badly affected and later he could successful in making understand the customer about its different properties.

What quantity and how many days of Yarsa should be used?

According to Mr. Budha, the use of Yarsa for different person depend on persons to person. As the person suffering from any disease is long time then for such person needs to consume this herb till the long time and the person suffering from simple type of disease needs few days consumption.

Divide a single Yarsa in two pieces and that first half part can be used in the morning and the second half can be used in the evening.

How to prepare Yarsha for consuming?

Yarsagumba should not consume directly, here are the tips to prepare. 


·     Make half by dividing a single Yarsha stick.

·       Take that half piece and put into a pot and add 2 glass of water in it.

·       Boil it for 3-4 minutes.

·       After boiling, pour it into another pot and take steam through your nose firstly.

·      After cooling down Yarsha piece, should can be chewed and its remaining water should be can be used at the morning and evening that is two times in a day.

Yarsagumba should not be ingested directly due to a lack of adequate research, despite how healthy it is. Before taking it, it is advised to seek advice from a professional.
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